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Love at First Sight

CEO and Founder of Royale Development Ltd. Janice E. Findlay, also known as JEM, first visited the beautiful island of Grenada in 2002 and since then she has never looked back. She has been quoted describing Grenada as a “love at first sight” and “a home that never forgets you.” There is no denying that Grenada is a magnificent place with its tranquil innocence and purity. Known as The Spice of the Caribbean, Grenada has continued to charm and delight its residence and visitors. Over the years JEM had fallen head-over-heels with the simplicity and rhythm of the island, but also Grenada’s warm and friendly people.

"Retirement" Living

With the demands of life and the overwhelming pressures of day-to-day living Royale Development Ltd. introduces families and friends to a “New” culture of living! We took the old and turned it into the “New” we call it Retirement Living!

Retirement living provides couples and their families the timeless investments of fractional and shared ownership. Whether it is vacationing at your own turnkey ocean front villa or garden cottage estate on the Pure Grenada Island of Spice, Royale Development Ltd. offers your home a unique and eclectic tropic design.

International Community

Royale Development Ltd. will be carried out in three phases of development and will begin with establishing an International community for the initial growth and production. Each phase will offer the Grenada’s Citizen By Investment Program (CBI) offering International Citizenship for the access to over 130 Countries.

Luscious Eco-Friendly

And what better place to call home, living within the luscious natural environment of Pure Grenada! Royal Development Ltd. takes pride in ensuring all projects as Eco friendly and sustainable.

Worry Free

All of our luxury Villa Owners will be apart of our exclusive Rental and Management agreement with Royale Development Management. This will ensure a reasonable return on investment through rental, and also guarantee the utmost maintenance of the interior and exterior of each property.

Five Reasons To Come On Board

Our Management team takes pride in all future projects and has carefully analyzed strategic planning to maximize the ultimate vacation destination and locations in Grenada. We call this ABOARD!

  • Convenient access to Grenada’s AIRPORT

  • Gorgeous White Sandy BEACHES and Turquoise Caribbean OCEAN

  • Five Star AMENITIES, including our concierge service

  • Affordable RATES

  • Ideal DESTINATION in the beautiful Pure Grenada

The Spice of the Caribbean

Located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is the main Island of Spice as it is the largest exporter of nutmeg and mace crops. By its side are Carriacou and petite Martinique, the small surrounding islands that make Grenada great.

Sunshine & Luscious Mountains

Tropical climate has an average temperature of 28°C (82°F), making it ideal for its great beach life. Another great feature of Grenada is that it is protected by the hurricane belt, making it a perfect destination for safe keep of yachts.

Beach Haven

Grenada’s features some of the most picturesque beaches. One of it’s beaches is the world renowned Grand Anse Beach, which is known as one of the finest beaches in the world with a breathtaking 3 km (1.9 mi) long beach located in St George.

Waterfall Paradise

Grenada also has spectacular waterfalls such as Annandale Waterfalls which is the closest to St. George. In addition, to other significant waterfalls such as Concord, Seven Sisters,Tufton Hall and Mt. Carmel.
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